Scenario One

Scenario 1: Create elevator speeches on the importance of educational technology

As you can tell from our elevator videos, we are advocates for technology use in the classroom. We believe that if we do not incorporate technology we are cheating our students from the future. The world is changing, how we teach is changing and as teachers we need to realize this and give students the tools they need to be successful in the real world. By the time our students graduate most jobs will be highly technology based, and if we withhold the opportunities to teach our students this, they will be behind in the real world. Some teachers may be hesitant to incorporate technology because they feel it is taking away from traditional learning, and in a way it is. Learning is going from a tradition, instruction based learning to a more open minded, creative and collaboration based way, which is how the real world is set up. Why not let students create a presentation, an app, a video or an online graphic organizer to show what they learned when presenting a project as opposed to just writing a paper. Although we don’t know what technology is going to be like ten years from now, we do know that by incorporating technology and teaching students to be adaptive to changes that are presented is a good basis for the future. Technology also allows the world to become much smaller. For example I could simply tweet out my video project and all my friends can see by the click of a button. Not only is this a great way to share things you’re passionate about, but we also talked about in class that when students know their work will be shown to more than just their teacher, they tend to try a little harder. Over all, our world is changing and as teachers we need to adapt with it and help our students learn and adapt to it as well.

Created by:

Greg Knapp

Megan Simpson

Riannon Szofer 


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