Interactive Classroom Collaboration

The blog post that I was interested in this week I found at this site which is from emerging ed tech. What I found most interesting about this is that there are so many free resources for teachers to know and utilize in their classroom. A Gates foundation found that teachers do want interactive tools to use in their classroom. Obviously this falls under the realm of different types of technology being utilized in the classroom and always adapting to change. If we want to succeed as educators, it is best to stay up to date with changes and provide our students with the materials they need to be successful in the world.

I discovered a free of these resources and looked further into them in order to understand why these are beneficial for teachers. One of them I chose is Vyew which is an interactive white board. This is similar to padlet which we use in class, and students can upload documents as well as images into this. I like this since it can be essential for visual collaboration in a class and really help student work together in groups. Caccoo is another resource that creates flow charts and diagrams for a project or whatever material. I think this would be cool in the essence of a classroom where students can work on some research together and collaborate their ideas.

Wiggio is one last resource I looked into which has a lot of benefits. This includes ways to file share, create polls, manage to-do lists, and update calendars. I feel that this is a really good tool for organization that educators can use in their classroom. The polls can be interactive as well. There are even more resources out there for teachers, but I feel like looking into these is really beneficial in order for teachers to incorporate technology in a positive way.


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