Keep on Tweetin’

This first tweet discusses how Twitter can actually impact Common Core. I think this is a relevant issue since we talk so heavily about twitter in class and also the effects it can have in a classroom. Social media is another way for students to have a dialogue or debate, and I think this article does a good job bringing that up, especially with such a sensitive issue in special education. Another thing is the Common Core really allows for these discussions to happen in social media. While it is a controversial issue for many educators, it will still change over time as the impact of technology affects schools each and every day.

The Universal Design of Learning is a hot topic in education and this tweet specifically talks about that. By using multiple forms of assessment and making sure instruction is rich, we are helping students with learning disabilities. I think this article can really pertain to any educator since we want to meet all of the needs of the students in our classroom. It’s important to remember than implementation of any curriculum happens over time, and to introduce it according to students’ needs.

This article talks about different tools to use in a classroom in regards to presentations. What I liked most about this is that is really goes with the framework of the Universal Design of Learning and giving students multiple ways to express their ideas. Yes, posters are important and research projects are essential, but this changes the way students may look at it and makes it a little more exiting. One of my favorite tools listed is Glogster which I used in high school. I think it’s important for educators to be aware of free resources on the web that are interactive and beneficial for students.


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