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This first article talks about how teachers need to be enthusiastic with technology. Their perception of it in the classroom can either benefit or take away from the experiences students will have in the classroom. It’s important to come up with interactive activities that are creative and allow students to learn a passion for using technology. Technology can be used across subjects, even into art and social studies, it is just finding a relevant way to connect the information.

This next tweet talks about different tools that teachers can use an an organization tool. I personally liked this article because I felt it can be beneficial for teachers to know this information and pass it along to their students. One of the examples is Pinterest. If teachers can find free resources to incorporate different ideas about technology into their classroom, it can really benefit those learning. Another resources is edu clipper with helps teachers organize their digital learning content.

I also really liked this article from Educatorstechnology for formative assessments in education. With the change in Common Core and my personal belief in assessing students not only for grades, these tools help educators gauge an understanding of what students are learning and how they’re taking in the knowledge. Some of these include polls and iClickers. I really like the idea of different methods used due to the push of Universal Design of Learning and having different ways for students to present their knowledge with multiple means of expression.
This blog is dedicated to Emerging Students & Enhancing Learning using technology. This post really focuses on what you should and shouldn’t do with technology in the classroom. I think it’s important to realize that there really are professional development lessons in using technology in the right way to benefit students and incorporate the best practices in a classroom. For example, one of the sub-headings are about project based learning. I find it interesting that it is important to give students real-world projects in order to learn how to work in the real word. By having projects that are applicable to real life, students will be even more prepared to work in the 21st century.

There are also various articles that are linked in this post in order to give teachers more resources to use. For example, What Project-Based Learning Is — and What It Isn’t, , is a link to another blog post to give teachers ideas of how to run their classrooms. Another section I enjoy about this is Flipping the Classroom which reminds me of our Sped 312 class. It’s important to have those methods down and actually doing it the right way in order for students to benefit. There are also precautions to take when using social media in the classroom, and being aware of the safety of your students is important. I think it’s important to read this to understand some of the practices to avoid in the classroom.


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