Why should we teach with technology?

This first tweet relates us to an article about how educators need to adapt in the area of technology and increasing advancement. I think this is really beneficial for teachers because education has never really been considered a highly technical field, but due to the changes in society, we need to better prepare our students to be ready for the future they have ahead of themselves. It’s important for teachers to have a well-developsd skill set when entering the classroom to be prepared to engage their students. Technology can really only enhance the learning going on in the classroom, and we need to be ready to dish out what those benefits are and how we can continue to model our classroom for 21st century learners. Here’s also a useful graphic for teachers on how to use tech tools for teaching, which could be posted in their room as a reminder:

This next article digs into why technology is important to use in the classroom, and the concise list hits on benefits for teachers and what they can incorporate in their classroom. I think this article is organized well so that teachers can use the strategies to enhance their teaching strategies. For example, technology has changed in a way we never could have predicted in the past, so thinking about effective parent-teacher communication using technology is a benefit that never would have existed a few decades ago. Parents can send emails back and forth on a daily basis or even interactive observations of students that parents can utilize how their child is doing in school. I think these suggestions offer a way for teachers to understand the importance of technology in the classroom.

This final article goes through separate categories on how technology benefits the classroom such as student engagement, creating new learning environments, and improving teaching in general. I feel that this is beneficial for educators to read since the categories really explain the importance of technology in different domains of the classroom. For example, there are new active roles in students who are exposed to technology and one could be a blogger. As we are doing in this class, sharing thoughts and pulling together media is an essential skill to have with the 21st century of technology shaping our everyday lives. By educating these students on different roles they can have in the classroom and the working environment, we are really preparing students for the future lives they will be leading.


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